Welcome to SEEC! 
Here at the Summit Early Education Center, we believe that children learn best in a safe and healthy environment. Having an understanding of God and learning virtues is a significant part of building a child’s character.
Our learning programs are managed by qualified early learning educators and are developmentally appropriate to each child. 
Our goals here are to maintain an experienced and qualified teaching staff that uses Christian principles when teaching young children, create an environment that is fun and memorable, develop positive relationships with all families, and to foster the development of each child.  


Goals for our Center: To offer quality care using our Christian principles and values for the development of each child.

For the Child: To feel safe and secure at a place where they can play and develop freely under Christian values

For the Families: To have a safe place for their children where they are welcome and included 

For the Staff: To work at a place of value and positivity

For the Community: To provide a Christian valued center that is safe and open to all relationships